David Forest-Playing With Myself

Two Events

Tuesday 26th June 7:30PM, Angel City Road lock. Includes buffet supper. Tickets cost £35.

Sunday 1st July 12:00PM includes buffet lunch and a cruise from Angel to Kings Cross via City Road lock and Islington tunnel. Tickets cost £50.


Playing with Myself is David Forest's sixth one-man show, and the first to consist entirely of his own material. 

David introduces and performs his own songs with piano arrangements by Charles Miller. The show, which is directed by Harry Landis, received its premiere performances to sold-out houses at The Pheasantry, Chelsea and Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden, and went on to enjoy successful runs at the 2015 Brighton and Camden Fringe Festivals, before making a triumphant return to The Pheasantry in 2016, and again in 2017. 

The show includes David's hit song, Dear Jeremy Corbyn.  Dear JC's star has risen, thanks to the 2017 General Election.

Venu (Carnatic bamboo flute) & Piano in Islington tunnel.

Sunday June 24: 5PM-8PM


A unique opportunity to hear an ancient musical instrument in an unusual location. Ramana (Venu) and Andrew Ng  (Piano) will perform on board Freedom as it cruises through Islington tunnel from Angel to Kings Cross via City Road Lock. An opportunity to experience two glorious features of the canal system- a lock and a tunnel. Refreshments included.

The Venu is an ancient flute used in Indian classical music. One of the oldest instruments in world history, the Indian flute is associated with the Hindu God Lord Krishna, who is often depicted playing it. It is also widely mentioned in Indian literature and history, having been listed as one of the three original instruments meant for music; Vaani (human sound), Veena (string instrument), and Venu.

The Venu is a side-blown wind instrument and is a key instrument in South Indian Carnatic music, used in both solo performances as well as an accompaniment for dance performances. Typically, the South Indian variation of the Venu, known commonly as the Pullankuzhal, has eight finger holes. Each flute is designed for a specific pitch, although proficient flautists are known to have transposed notes to different scales and pitches during performances.

The Venu is a highly respected instrument, and it is considered a gift to be able to play it as it can take months to even produce sound.

The Venu has been popularise even further in recent history by legends like Dr. N. Ramani and Sri Shashank Subramanyam, who have both performed the Venu across the world.

Tickets cost £35

Go With The Flow-Water Yoga For Men

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Tuesday July 3rd: 7PM-8PM at City Road Lock

 Go with the Flow: Water Yoga
Embark on a sequence built to honour its setting on a boat with flows, waves, as well as frog and boat poses among others.

All levels welcome.
7pm: Naked indoor class for men

1hr class £15

Sun And Moon Salutations

 Sunday June 24th-3PM-4PM at City Road Lock 

Explore a variety of Sun Salutations to build internal heat and Moon Salutations to channel calm in these devotional flows to celestial orbs.

  • Naked indoor class for 6 men
  • Bring your own yoga mat
  • All levels welcome

Introduction to the chakras - naked indoor yoga

Saturday July 7th 11AM-12PM at City Road Lock

 Learn about the 7 energy centers of the body through a mini workshop where Stefan will talk through the concepts and lead a short chakra-inspired naked yoga flow for men

Maximum 6 participants. Cost:£15 

Nikos Stavlas piano recital, lunch and Olympic Park cruise

Sunday 11th February at Limehouse Marina 1pm

Piano recital, cruise and buffet lunch. Includes works by Brahms, Haydn, Liszt, Rachmaninov and Piazzola. 

Tickets now SOLD OUT 

Freedom will be moored at Limehouse Marina which is 5 mins walk from Limehouse DLR station (connects to Bank station). The cruise will be through the Olympic Park and will return to the same location by 4pm. Guests can also embark at the Olympic Stadium near Stratford station around 3pm. 

FRANTISEK brikcius cello recital, lunch & Olympic cruise

Saturday 17th February, Limehouse Marina 1pm

Cello recital, cruise and buffet lunch. 


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750): Suite No. 3 in C major for Solo Cello (BWV 1009)

Max Reger (1873 - 1916): Suite No. 2 in D minor for Solo Cello, Op. 131c

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 - 1767): Suite D major for Solo Cello, TWV 40:1

Tickets available in our online shop.

Freedom will be moored at Limehouse Marina close to Limehouse DLR station. The cruise is around the Olympic Park and will return to the same location by 4pm. Guests can also embark at the Olympic Stadium close to Stratford station around 3pm. 

London Piano Circle

Thursday 29th March 1300 at Rembrandt Gardens, Little Venice

Meeting of the LPC where amateur pianists of all abilities have an opportunity to perform to each other in an informal non-critical setting. Performers choose their own pieces for a 10 to 15 minute slot. Buffet lunch provided. Please contact us for performance or audience slots.